My Noocube Review 2018

noocube-bottleHi, welcome to my website. I put up this small site to share my experience using Noocube with other people such as yourself.

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Firstly, a bit about myself. My name is William, I’m an Entrepreneur originally from New Zealand but currently living in Brooklyn. I first started using Nootropics to enhance my focus, increase my productivity and work longer hours so I could get more done in my business.

It turned into a definite obsession, I have tried countless Nootropics and supplements designed to enhance cognitive function. Below you will find my full take on Noocube nootropic. Below the video, you can find a written version for those of you who prefer reading. Below all of that, I have included a full break down of the ingredients, safety and how to get the best deal on Noocube.


What is Noocube? Plus Product Claims:

The makers of Noocube claim that it is supposed to help support and enhance focus, mental speed, and memory. It is made up of natural nootropics that are often taken individually but together are supposed to make up a ‘powerful blend.’  The manufacturer claims three major benefits:

  1. Enhanced cognitive function
  2. Heightened concentration and focus
  3. Improved memory and learning

I wanted to put these claims to the test, so I tried taking Noocube myself. You can see my results below.

Ingredients Breakdown:

The most important thing you can do is analyze the ingredients formula and see if there is any scientific proof to back it up. Below I will go over each ingredient to find out whether this product will actually fulfill on it’s promises.


  1. Alpha GCP.

This particular ingredient is used to boost the natural production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter, within the body.  Chemicals known as neurotransmitters work around the clock to move important information from one part of the brain to another. They are important for nearly everything you do during the day, including physical actions, your thoughts, and your emotions. Operating without them would be impossible.

There are many different neurotransmitters in the brain, and they each have their functions. Acetylcholine is linked to various cognitive abilities like concentration, learning, and memory retention. The use of Alpha CGP in NooCube thus improves those key areas by increasing the amount of acetylcholine available to the brain.


  1. Huperzine-A.

This ingredient is primarily used to boost the effectiveness of the Alpha GCP. When the body produces the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, it also produces another chemical known as acetylcholinesterase, which it uses to break down  acetylcholine. This is how the body naturally deals with the neurotransmitters, but this process has been linked to decreases in cognitive function. Huperzine-A reduces the amount of acetylcholinesterase that the body can produce so that the acetylcholine can stay in the body longer and boost brain function.


  1. Uncaria Tomentosa.

Also known as Cat’s Claw, this unique vine flower contains unusually high levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants are helpful to the body in so many different ways. They work by moving through the body and eliminating toxins known as “free radicals,” which can harm the brain and reduce cognitive functioning. Much of the damage that occurs to the mind and body through the aging process is a result of free radicals.

Cat’s Claw works with the other ingredients in the NooCube to keep the body healthy and sharp even into old age. And the use of this ingredient is backed by scientific research and medical studies. There is currently a study ongoing relating to Cat’s Claw and its ability to treat Parkinson’s Disease.

  1. Bacopa Monnieri.

If Alpha GCP is the “primary” ingredient in NooCube, then Bacopa Monnieri is a very close “secondary” ingredient. It does a lot of work on its own by affecting the brain directly. To be more specific, it is used for its ability to repair damage neuron damage in the brain. Such damage slows down the production of necessary neurons and reduces cognitive ability. Not only can the Bacopa Monnieri repair damage, but it can also stimulate the brain to encourage the growth of new neurons.

By repairing and producing new neurons, this ingredient works like a time machine. It reverses the damage of aging and allows the brain to function as it did at a younger age. While it’s true that wisdom comes with age, the brain is capable of learning faster and easier when younger. The NooCube lets you enjoy the best of both worlds thanks to ingredients like this.

  1. Oat Straw.

While this might not sound like the most scientific or advanced ingredient in the world, it is surprisingly powerful. There’s no denying that many modern medicines are strongly rooted in folk remedies. This particular ingredient comes from folk medicine that relies on chewing wild green oats.

Of course, oat straw wasn’t just used in folk medicine. It has been closely studied and tested in modern settings. It was revealed that it improves an area of the brain responsible for producing alpha-2 waves. These waves are related to inflammation that occurs in arterial walls. They are produced during the inflammation of those walls. Oat straw emulates that inflammation and causes the brain to produce these waves and increase blood flow to the brain.

A study was completed in 2015 demonstrating the potency of Oat Straw on middle-aged adults. It was a profound success. The group consuming oat straw performed far better than those given a placebo supplement [1]

  1. L-theanine And L-tyrosine.

As you might have guessed, these two ingredients are very closely related. They are both amino acids and are used in countless places throughout the body. However, they are both slightly different from one another.

The first, L-theanine, can induce an effect of clarity in the brain. It can simultaneously reduce the effects of stress on the mind and the body. Much of this is accomplished by stimulating neurotransmitters in the brain. And when combined with the effects of L-tyrosine it improves focus while encouraging relaxation. It might sound like an odd combination, but it is very beneficial in pressure situations. You can focus on the problem without getting worried by the outcome.

The L-tyrosine component is responsible for that focus and alertness. It accomplishes this by producing a hormone associated with alertness. It also stimulates the production of dopamine, which is a hormone that causes a sense of relaxation and happiness.

  1. No Stimulants.

Many nootropic supplements on the market today work by adding as much caffeine or other stimulants as possible. This gives the illusion of enhanced cognitive abilities, but after the “crash” occurs, the effects fade away. There’s no denying the powerful effects of caffeine on the brain, but too much can push the body to its limit. And most people already consume an acceptable amount of caffeine on a given day. NooCube lets you enjoy a cognitive boost without putting, even more, caffeine into the body.

Ingredients Overview:

This is a very solid formula – I would put it up there among the best on the market. The absence of stimulants is also a bonus as it means you won’t get jittery or ingest too much caffeine.

You can read more about the ingredients on the official website here.

Any Reported Side Effects? Is Noocube Safe?

I can happily say that I haven’t experienced any side effects while taking Noocube. The product should be safe it has all-natural ingredients safe dosages so there is no reason you would experience side effects. I also couldn’t find any reports of side effects online.

Noocube seems very safe to me however if you are at all worried it would be a good idea to check with your doctor to be certain.


Noocube Dosage – How to Take It


Dosage is two capsules per day. You will be asked to take it at any time during the day, but it’s best to have one in the morning and then one before sleeping. This will spread things out and provide better results.

It is also important to note, this is designed to kick in 30 minutes after consumption. Your body is going to digest the supplement and let it take action. The process is simple and does not take a lot out of you. With a glass of water, you can have this in your system in seconds.


Noocube Results & Testimonials

I found a number of solid results online and the reports are overwhelmingly positive. Of course, I did find a few people who reported experiencing no benefits from the product but these were few and far between.  Overall the testimonials were very positive. Here are a few below:



What I Like About Noocubenoocube

I appreciated it’s blend of ingredients. I feel they have done a lot of research and it shows. The combination is one of the strongest formulas on the market right ow.

It is easy to take, and that’s a positive as well. You don’t want to take on a supplement that’s ineffective or does not have the right backing. This is a world-class solution, and that was something I appreciated.

The product is 100% safe with natural ingredients occurring in safe dosage levels.

What I Dislike About Noocube

The price is quite high – however in this industry you get what you pay for. The lower priced products tend to be lower quality.

I would of liked to of seen Citicoline in the formula – I feel that it is missing something by excluding this valuable ingredient. Citicoline is commonly found in some of the other top products on the market. However, Noocube still has a strong formula regardless of this detail.


Overall this is a great formula, it will definitely help you with your focus and productivity and is up there with the best on the market. It is a shame they don’t include Citicoline but regardless, I am happy to take this myself.

It is 100% organic, safe, and easy to use. As long as you have the funds to pay for it, you’re going to enjoy the value it brings to your memory, focus, and overall cognitive ability.

Where to Buy Noocube for the Best Price:

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